Cameron or Miliband: who does the world want to win the UK election? | Politics | The Guardian

This article is an example of the left-wing Guardian at it worst. Check it out for yourself!

via Cameron or Miliband: who does the world want to win the UK election? | Politics | The Guardian.

The was a time when I was a young man when newspapers reported news accurately and without bias. In those days, there was a separate editorial, where the editor could lean towards the political bias of the paper or perhaps the owners.

These days fact is interspersed with biased opinion.

This article is an extreme example of bias, where the bias is greater than the evidence.

The Guardian starts out planning to write an article that smears David Cameron, ahead of the election, next week. It starts with the photo and looks for isolated evidence. Then, surprise, its all spun together in a web which David Cameron is blackened and shows Ed Milband as the refreshing new hero. It’s a disgrace!

Actually, on reflection, it’s worse than I’ve described it. The typical left-wing Guardian reader, like for example a teacher, is light on evidence, so they will pick up the Guardian article and share it as well researched evidence. This is how dogma and prejudice is born.

It’s almost like the Guardian is part of a well-oiled left-wing propaganda machine.



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