Opinion – Brexit would hit UK economy hardest, German think tank warns | EurActiv – John Gelmini

The German think tank may or may not be right as Dr Alf implies.

Greece will at some point leave or get thrown out of the Euro, it is only a matter of time.

Thus the UK has to prepare for that eventuality and start looking much further afield than the sclerotic EU for its future exports, growth and long term future.

Greece is the financially the super-basket-case of Europe but much of the rest of it, particularly the remaining PIIGs and the accession countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia are hardly the “go to” models of economic performance either.

France has a moribund economy, whilst Europe as a whole has not created a single net new job in 30 years and is incapable of either defending itself or “punching above its weight” in the great councils of the world.

Whatever financial hit we have to endure, we will have to put up with whether we like it or not but I see a silver lining in that GREXIT just might shake Europe out of its somnambulist state, rather like a person being shocked into dieting and healthy living by a doctor who gets through to his/her patient and points out that without change of a radical nature the only thing that patient will be choosing is which funeral director to use and the size and price of their coffin.

Just as America is having “its lunch” eaten by the Chinese (quote from Donald Trump), Europe too is facing the same fate with its leaders other than Chancellor Merkel described by the Chinese in private as “Children playing in a sandbox”.

Collectively there has to be a wake-up call but the Greeks require a steady application of Bunsen-burner flame to an appropriate part of their collective anatomies and a cattle prod to galvanize them into activity and a realization that the world does not owe them a living.

John Gelmini

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