Opinion – The British economy after the coalition – Martin Wolf – FT.com

Martin Wolf, the FT’s top economic commentator takes a hard-look at the economic record of the Coalition Government. It’s an evidence-based, must-read article. Check it out!

via The British economy after the coalition – FT.com.

The report card ahead of school holiday might read:

Lot’s of hard work, could be more focused at times, easily distracted but in spite of everything made good progress!

Like myself, Martin Wolf would have preferred the Coalition to invest more heavily in top-quality, economically sounded public sector capital expenditure programs. The financial case for incremental borrowing and investment in properly validated public works programs is overwhelming.

However, the bottom line is the economic comparison between Conservative Coalition and the previous Labour Governments. The damage of the 2008 financial crisis could have been partially mitigated if the Labour Government had not squandered money in later years, like pay rises for the NHS. My colleague, John Gelmini recently reminded us that Labour’s post-war record in government has always been to leave the cupboard bare at the end of office.

In spite of everything, in terms of economic outlook, jobs and prosperity, my view is that David Cameron is a safe pair of hands. Remember, Ed Miliband forgot to mention the economy in his keystone speech to the Labour Party Conference.

Who would you trust most, the familiar face of David Cameron, more experienced second time around or ‘Red Ed’ who stabbed his brother in the back?


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