Opinion – Black Culture Is Not the Problem – NYTimes.com – John Gelmini

The problem is not just down to the police or poverty amongst blacks because other people, like my late mother, came from much greater poverty in Southern Italy than anything experienced by American black youth in Baltimore or anywhere else.

This included working for up to 2 weeks and then being told there was no money to pay her or being fired and offered your old job back in exchange for a bribe.

Any work there was, was back-breaking and poorly paid and started in her case at age 12 as her parents small tenant farmers were so impoverished that they could not afford to keep her at school.
The same is true and to a greater extent of others from the Indian subcontinent, rural areas of China and a lot of other places.

Rioting during the middle of the day is a function of not having enough to do and conditions so vile and unrelenting that you think you have no other choice.

It is also a function of lack of self discipline, lack of male role models (too many absent fathers), drug culture, gang culture, too much junk-food with e-numbers and harmful chemicals, like aspartame making for over exuberant behavior and lack of meaningful work.

Clearly, there is a problem of “The devil making work for idle hands” due to the fact that many blue collar jobs that some of these youngsters could have done in the past have gone to the Far East and now via re-shoring to robots.

The answer is to toughen up the education system via the Troops to Teachers program, then remove these youngsters from their areas and put them into 2 years of National Service many miles from where they live or somewhere like the UK whereby they would be leased to the UK Tri Forces which has a military recruitment problem.

When they emerged from this regime the non academically inclined would go into business boot camps, be taught languages and enabling personal philosophies, again in locations miles from where they used to live.

Brighter youngsters could be fast tracked into university and then into work.

John Gelmini

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