Opinion – Nicola Sturgeon: Ed Miliband has made a tactical error in ruling out coalition | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Ed Miliband lied during the leaders Question Time debate because he knows full well that the electoral arithmetic in Scotland vis-a-vis the SNP is against him.

He is also in denial about the last Labour Government under Gordon Brown and his and Ed Balls’s role in what happened.

If the Labour Party became the largest single party but was short of an outright majority, even with the help of the Liberal Democrats, he would probably fall short of the 323 seats he needs to form a Government, so there would either have to be a second election, or he would have to arrive at a Faustian pact with Alex Salmond, another accomplished truth stretcher, and with Nicola Sturgeon, who at the moment is pretending to be nice to the English until she gets more money for Scotland.

Hopefully, the silent majority of Conservative voters, who have not yet decided what to do will return to the fold when they see that 75% of business-people are against the SNP and against Miliband because they can see the economic damage they could potentially do were they to get their hands on the “levers of power” as Ed Miliband and his backers like to call them.

The same needs to apply to the so-called floating voters, who need to be reminded that there is no such thing as a free-lunch and that voting for the Greens, Liberal Democrats, the Labour Party and independent candidates is a silly indulgence.

UKIP will take Labour votes away but will end up with few MPs.

What we are left with is the need to vote for “call me Dave” and for a Conservative Government with the will to really reduce public expenditure by replacing the current NHS with something better, reducing the profligacy of greedy local authority Chief Executives, reducing the number of councils, constabularies, fire commands and quangos, putting unnecessary civil servants to the sword, clearing out the deadwood in the form of quangocracy and abolishing the BBC licence fee within the course of the 1st half of the next Parliament.

John Gelmini

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