Opinion – Three quarters of top bosses fear ‘toxic’ Left-wing pact between Labour and the SNP  | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

Big business is right to fear Sturgeon and Miliband were they to get into power.

Dr Alf puts the choice very well and since the Paddy Power mathematicians are independent and not looking for a Labour Government to come in write a blank cheque for the licence fee settlement and thus further enrich BBC directors, I trust their prognosis of a Conservative victory, rather than the left-wing speculations of gnostic/atheist BBC reporters, champagne socialists at the Guardian/Observer and the Independent.

Whilst I dislike David Cameron and would replace him with Boris Johnson, the choice should for the vast majority of people be a “no-brainer”, in the form of the Conservatives with a small but workable majority.

Anything else spells heavier taxes on the English majority via the Barnett Formula, more local authority profligacy, more quangos with Common Purpose trained apparachiks, excessive profligacy on the part of ineffective Chief Constables, Fire Chiefs and Ambulance leaders, an unreformed NHS which remains ever more unfit for purpose by the day and reduced competitiveness.

People should remember too that previous Labour Governments (all of them),cause stock-markets to fall and money to flow out of the country.

Nicola Sturgeon may well be an impressive campaigner but with the price of oil as low as it is she cannot finance her programs based on the moribund performance of the Scottish economy. She will therefore pretend to want to help the English until she secures even more money from them, so the choice is clear, sensible people should vote for the Conservatives and the Scots and Welsh with their demands for more need to be sent packing.

John Gelmini