The global ‘100-year gap’ in education standards | Brookings Institution

This is an outstanding, must-read article by global think-tank, the Brookings Institution. Check it out!

via The global ‘100-year gap’ in education standards | Brookings Institution.

Whilst there have been improvements in primary school education standards in the developing world, the situation is very different with secondary and higher education where the gap between the developing and developed world is increasing, with a one hundred year lag.

Personally, I think that this article raises question about the effectiveness of foreign aid, where there’s too much focus on inputs and not enough about outputs from aid budgets.


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  1. Dr Alf is right.

    Too much foreign aid is stolen and diverted into the pockets of corrupt politicians, African dictators and the corrupt leaders of developing countries.

    Thus, the 100 year education gap that the Brookings Institution talks about gets wider and people who should be helped are left high and dry.

    The solution is for the West to curtail all foreign aid thus forcing recipient countries to improve their own situations by removing their corrupt and venal leaders.

    Here in the UK we need to purge the Foreign Office of civil servants who take too cavalier an attitude with taxpayers money and sequestrate the assets of those civil service mandarins who have permitted the fleecing of UK taxpayers by repeatedly allowing corrupt recipient country politicians to get their noses in the trough repeatedly despite it being obvious that this was what was going on.
    Without tough action now the under educated 3rd worlders will buy fake documentation and end up either as boat people or illegal aliens,petty criminals or even terrorists.

    • John,

      With respect, on this issue I see matters differently. For me, there is an important place for foreign aid but it has to be delivered effectively and to the most needy.

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