Opinion – Immigration dividing the nation ahead of UK elections | euronews, world news

This is an excellent and insightful article from Euronews. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via Immigration dividing the nation ahead of UK elections | euronews, world news.my

Let me try to distill a few thoughts on immigration.

  1. It’s understandable that there should be practical controls on the limits of immigration to a small island.
  2. It  would make sense to adopt a points type system, like many countries, that encourages immigration of the highly skilled or those ready to take jobs from which the indigenous population shy away.
  3. The real challenge for the UK is the EU’s freedom of movement employment policy. This has encouraged East Europeans to swarm to the UK, where earnings are higher than at home. In this regard, it’s interesting to note the ‘Polish Paradox‘.
  4. Where East Europeans, for example, have greater skills or are more productive, there is an economic argument to employ them over the indigenous population.
  5. From an economic perspective, it’s the skills and relative productivity of the indigenous population that are triggering immigration.
  6. David Cameron‘s proposals for controlling the benefits of immigrants seem reasonable.
  7. UKIP‘s attitude to immigration is close to racialism. Conversely, perhaps UKIP appeals to those with latent racist opinions?
  8. It was under the previous Labour Governments that immigration was allowed to peak.
  9. The UK’s Home Office lost control of immigration, without effective controls of foreigners in the UK.
  10. Surely, the most critical thing about immigration is to encourage emigration? This might include the elderly or those on benefit. Similarly, there seems to be scope for wider controls on public benefits for immigrants and their families?

The bottom line is that the Conservative Party have the most practical policy on immigration, trying to renegotiate with Europe’s partners. Would a Labour Government open the immigration flood gates, once again?


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