Opinion – This Woman Is Forecast to be the Biggest Winner of the U.K. Election | TIME

This is an outstanding, must-read article from Time. Check it out!

via This Woman Is Forecast to be the Biggest Winner of the U.K. Election | TIME.

For me this is an insightful look at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

However, I worry deeply about the shifting sands of UK politics.

Let me try to focus my thoughts with a series of open questions:

  1. If Labour is so hated, despised and weak in Scotland, how come they still have popularity in England?
  2. Surely, the only real policy of the SNP is independence for Scotland or preferential terms for Scotland at the expense of the rest of the UK?
  3. With violent SNP thugs in evidence in Glasgow, surely there is a risk of the nationalism part of the SNP suppressing basic human liberties?
  4. Can Scottish Nationalist MPs at Westminster be trusted to vote for what’s best for the whole of the UK?
  5. The left-wing SNP is strong on social spending but weak on economic growth, so they’ll surely expect English tax-papers to foot the bill for their demands?

For me, there is only one safe solution, vote Conservative. I have always been a one-nation conservative. David Cameron needs to reach out and embrace Disraeli’s one-nation-conservatism (ONC). The paternalism of ‘ONC’ offers a more compassionate form of politics than austerity and unrestrained neoliberalism.


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