China changes its strategy towards Japan: unrelenting pressure has produced far greater costs than benefits for China

China changes its strategy towards Japan: unrelenting pressure has produced far greater costs than benefits for China

This is a recommended read. It will be interesting to see Japan’s reaction to a softer China. It’s a win-win opportunity.

China News

Chinese Fighter Jet Chinese Fighter Jet

Over the past several months a gradual but significant shift has taken place in China’s policy toward Japan. The change is a result of Beijing’s recognition that its unrelenting pressure on Tokyo since the Japanese Government purchased several of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands from a private owner in September 2012 has produced far greater costs than benefits for China.

Chinese PresidentXi Jinping‘s meeting with Japanese Prime MinisterShinzo Abe on the sidelines of the Asian-African summit in Jakarta last month is the latest proof of the adjustment in Chinese policy.

Last November, when the two leaders first met in Beijing, Xi wanted to be seen as a good host and therefore did not snub Abe. In Jakarta, however, Xi had greater flexibility. Not only did he agree to the meeting, he apparently initiated it. Although China’s state-run news agency Xinhua claimed the meeting took place…

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  1. I am not sure whether China’s “unrelenting pressure on Japan ” has produced “more costs than benefits” as the headline in this article from the China Daily Mail ,courtesy of Dr Alf suggests.
    To begin with by applying unrelenting pressure China has discovered,along with everyone else precisely how far the Americans are prepared to go in the defence of Japan.
    They have also discovered who agrees with their prognosis,their ancient maps and the legitimacy of their claims.
    They would have noted as I did that inward investment into China has not slowed and that no Government including the UK’s summonsed the Chinese Ambassador to their Foreign Office for a dressing down and that the Western media has not been that hard on China,choosing instead to portray the whole thing as a spat between rivals.
    President Obama has not been particularly forceful publicly but the Pentagon did move the Pacific fleet into the air exclusion zone created by Beiijing.
    China is now in the process of building floating military bases right in the middle of this area but no-one has so far tried to stop them.
    President Xi Jin Ping may appear to be more conciliatory towards the Japanese these days but he may well be “concealing a dagger behind his new smile”.
    China takes a very long view when it comes to strategy and its place in the world but the term it used when describing Japan was “There cannot be two suns in the sky”.
    One day,in the future they could be saying the same thing about the West which has leaders who with few exceptions take a very short term view based on fickle attempts to curry favour with “floating voters”,people who do not know their own mind and the arithmetic of pollsters and election cycles.
    As the good book says “The meek(many in old Hebrew),shall inherit the earth”.

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