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via How the world’s media reacted to general election results 2015 | Daily Mail Online.

The world media reaction to David Cameron‘s clear election victory reminds us the the UK still matters in the World. The UK is still an important geopolitical player because of her role in Europe and her partnership with the US.

German newspapers focus heavily on Cameron’s win as bad news for Europe, with a likely Brexit. This, of course, is arrogant because it ignores David Cameron’s negotiations with European partners. The German media would be wise not to treat the UK like Greece. The German media focus on David Cameron’s ability to control his rowdy backbenchers who favor a Brexit. For sure, David Cameron will need to hone his leadership and negotiation skills, bringing his most capable and trusted team to this challenge.

Another major challenge for David Cameron is Scotland. The massive SNP landslide in Scotland, at the expense of Labour, with a  sizable grouping of SNP MPs at Westminster will warrant serious attention. The Scots have clearly rejected centralized government from Westminster of the style favored by Ed Miliband. For David Cameron to be a true one nation conservative, he will need to focus on devolution of power from Westminster.

The third major priority will be the economy and the public sector. With the SNPs totally opposed to austerity, perhaps it is time for Chancellor, George Osborne to change direction? He will need to tread carefully to avoid confrontation and strikes. I struggle to see George Osborne as a  one nation conservative but he would do well to listen more to suggestions from mainstream economists. In my view, the UK urgently need an industry strategy that promotes the growth sectors and de-risks financial services. Massive attention is required to national skills that are relevant to tomorrow’s work opportunities. Another opportunity is to focus on the unemployed and how they can make a more effective contribution to society.