Cameron pulls off a surprise win: What now for Europe and Scotland? | Brookings Institution

Debating chamber in Scottish Parliament building

Debating chamber in Scottish Parliament building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a deeply disturbing outlook from leading US think-tank, Brookings Institution. It’s a must-read. Check it out!

via Cameron pulls off a surprise win: What now for Europe and Scotland? | Brookings Institution.

The article paints a picture of stronger and stronger pressure for Scottish independence, on the back of rising power for the SNP. Although David Cameron is expected to offer major concessions to Scotland, it is expected that there will be a major clash over the future of Trident. The article highlights:

If the SNP repeat last night’s performance in 2016 in the elections of the Scottish Parliament, another referendum on independence will be unavoidable – and this time it will be won.

Also the article draws three powerful lessons from the UK’s surprise election result:

  1. Leaders matter
  2. Don’t trust the polls
  3. The political pendulum is not swinging to the left


One response

  1. Dr Alf brings us yet more reaction from the world’s media and think-tanks about the Conservative election win.

    We are told it was a “surprise”, when in fact incumbents who are seen to have started to grow their economies and create jobs usually win. Paddy Power the bookmakers and the Sovereign Wealth Funds and plutocrats who bought all the Government gilts well before the election knew what the outcome was going to be. The truth is that the BBC, the chattering classes and the champagne socialists in Islington and Hampstead have been given a bloody nose, along with the tofu eating, sandal wearing Guardian readers, closet Druids, climate change proponents and those who favor de-industrialization and profligacy.

    £30 billion gbp in savings in the public sector is easily possible given the amount of fraud, waste and overmanning that exists. We do not need 43 English constabularies, 43 Fire commands, an unreformed NHS which delivers the worst healthcare and cancer treatment outcomes in Western Europe outside of Greece. We do not need more than 15000 civil servants and we do not need the cost of delivering services to be 3 times the Singaporean cost. Indeed that country sells its model of Governance to other interested countries as a revenue earner.

    The Scots need to have their bluff called by being given all the tax raising powers they want and having Trident retained. Currently they want Trident scrapped and the money given to the SNP so David Cameron should say no to scrapping it, close the Scottish bases and create the jobs lost in Scotland in England. The Barnett Formula needs to be scrapped and then Nicola Sturgeon would not be able to get a vote for independence for Scotland because with the price of North Sea oil so low people there would know that there was no more money to pay for independence even with tax raising powers.

    The political pendulum in the UK is swinging towards a measure of commonsense and people know in their hearts that we have to earn our way in the world and that benefit recipients, incapacity benefit recipients and those who turn to foodbanks will become a reducing minority – they must of course be helped to move towards the first group.

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