Opinion – What battles lie ahead for Cameron’s second turn as PM? – Interview with Robin Niblett, director of Chatham House – John Gelmini

Dr Alf has distilled the essence of the key issues down into Niblett’s six points but disagrees with the 6th point.

The UK is already regarded as an “also ran” defence partner by the US in favor of France but the 2% defence spending target will be missed because the UK will become part of a new European army spearheaded by Germany with which the Americans will be satisfied.

Niblett misses some further key challenges in his analysis which will be:

1. Further immigration and influxes of refugees
2. The risk of military overstretch due to an increasing fractious Syria and people fleeing from ISIS, and
3. The mechanics of merging Adult Social Care into a not fit for purpose NHS

John Gelmini

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