Opinion – No honeymoon for Jeremy Hunt as health role throws up painful issues | Denis Campbell | Society | The Guardian – John Gelmini

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is correct because the NHS will be no cakewalk for Jeremy Hunt due to immense lobbying power and voice of the British medical profession, the BBC and their friends in the Guardian, the Labour Party and the public sector trades unions.

We are led to believe the narrative that reforms to the NHS or proposed changes just represent “savage cuts” and that the A & E crisis is down to lack of money and Tory heartlessness.

We are told that the NHS is good value for money, is “the best in the world”, and that because of pay freezes and pressure doctors are leaving in droves because of overwork. We are told also about missed waiting list targets and that this too is the fault of Government Ministers. This narrative is entirely bogus and must be robustly refuted by Jeremy Hunt who needs to take on the Luddites of the left and put forward the radical alternative.

Secondly, the role of the public in creating their own ill-health has to be presented so that people can be challenged, made to think more responsibly and then change their behavior.

Thirdly, the part played by food and nutrition in the health of the nation must be shown to the public, internalized and then made good along with the environment, packaging and fertilizers, water and cooking utensils.

1) A & E Crisis/It’s Causes

The A & E crisis is caused in the main by pensioners and mothers with spoiled children bringing themselves and their offspring to A & E, rather than dealing with minor afflictions themselves or waiting for a GP appointment.

The second cause is people drinking to excess at the weekends when GP surgeries are closed, “larging it up in nightclubs, fighting and having accidents.

2) Taking Personal Responsibility For Health

The UK public drink to excess often on an empty stomach, eat the wrong foods, often lack an enabling personal philosophy and eat at the wrong times.

As a consequence 40% of the population is depressed. We have the fattest woman in Western Europe and the 4th fattest men.

Unsurprisingly, the UK is 20th in the world for worker productivity (16% behind the G7 average) and thus lacks the wealth and power to put matters to rights.

3) The food manufacturers and drinks providers put sugar, salt, saccharine, canderel and other substances into our foods but the Government does not legislate for variable taxes on foods.

It needs to do so now.

Following on from this, there are several things the Government must do to curb rising health demand and the need for more doctors and nurses:

–Compel food and drink manufacturers to reduce sugar, salt and chemical content in food
–Force schools to prove properly cooked meals for young people
–Put variable taxes on foods
–Use the zoning laws to design fast food outlets out of areas and healthy food outlets in
–Reduce harmful chemicals in the environment, the water supply and packaging materials
–Ban aluminium saucepans, cooking foil and aluminium chloro-hydrate in deodorants
–Encourage low emission cars and vans through the tax system and line all motorways with particulate absorbing trees
–Put Fica plants and ionizroes in offices and houses to clean the air
–Stop building houses under aircraft flight paths and thus reduce dementia causing antimony from the air that people near airports breathe
–Reduce carcinogenic material in plastics, the insides of tinned foods, till rolls and soft drink containers
–Promote healthy eating, exercise, Tai Chi, Pilates, swimming, gym membership and walking in the countryside
–Police city centers properly and turn them into pedestrianized zones, like Salzburg in Austria
–Contain and reduce the number of cats and dogs to perhaps 1 million of each because cats and dogs cause parasites, worms and afflictions by charging a substantial licence fee for keeping a pet waivable for working sheepdogs, guide-dogs for the blind, police dogs and Customs drug sniffer dogs
–Introduce and apply capital punishment for drug smugglers, major drug barons and use Japanese style “cold turkey” regimes for heroin addicts, alcoholics, coke-heads and recreational drug users
–Take action against malingerers by fining them for wasting doctor’s time and by naming and shaming them
–Merge Adult Social Care and the NHS and scrap Adult Social Care Directorates
–Ban smoking in all public places, in cars, vans, lorries,on Segways, motor cycles and public transport
–Promote vitamin supplementation, adequate lighting, anti oxidants and curb elective surgery
–Clear out the layering of NHS managers and directors of the trust and put any cashable savings into more doctors, nurses and treatments.
–Curb benefit tourism, and discourage large families through the tax system

These measures would reduce medical demand.

Longer term we would develop nanotechnology robots to cleanse blood, fix infections, zap tumors and eliminate blood clots.

John Gelmini

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