WALNUTS can slow bowel cancer growth by ‘reducing blood supply to tumours’ | Daily Mail Online

English: a walnut and a walnut core

English: a walnut and a walnut core (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a recommended read from the Mail. Check it out!

via WALNUTS can slow bowel cancer growth by ‘reducing blood supply to tumours’ | Daily Mail Online.

The Mail cites latest research into the health properties of walnuts.


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  1. The Mail on Sunday article brought to us by Dr Alf illustrates a problem I have been living with for the past 14 years.

    My younger brother who died 4 weeks ago was told by the NHS that his bone marrow cancer would see the end of him within 2 years.

    Millions of other people throughout the world and especially in the UK are told similar things,even though the NHS produces the worst cancer treatment and overall mortality outcomes of any country in Western Europe bar Greece.

    I conducted my own research and discovered more than 42 different cancer treatments none of which are available on the NHS and 2 which are not permitted by the NHS or the American medical establishment.
    One of these was developed in America by a doctor who worked with Zeiss Optical in Germany to perfect a cure in 1934 some 81 years ago.

    The drug companies at the time sent agents to burn down his laboratory,steal his notes and they put him out of business three times.

    He was put back in business by Henry H Timken the American ball bearing tycoon who had a favourite aunt who had been diagnosed with cancer.

    The doctor saved Timken’s aunt and Timken gave the doctor $1000 usd a month as a lifetime stipend to further more cancer research.

    The doctor concerned experienced further attempts to put him out of business by the drug companies and their agents but his business was saved ,this time by a Canadian multimillionaire who established manufacturing facilities in Canada.

    The drug companies and their agents eventually poisoned the doctor and ensured that his methods of treatments could not be allowed in America and in the UK.

    In Germany the devices the doctor made are in every cancer ward and with typical efficiency they have re-engineered the original device,made it smaller and increased the number of afflictions it can cure to 2,500 on top of a wide range of cancers.

    Late President Ronald Reagan had three forms of cancer and refused to be treated in America.
    He was treated in Germany instead and lived 19 more years.

    My younger brother with me to help him find these alternatives which are commonplace in many other countries lasted 14 years,a full 12 years longer than he would have done had he just listened to the UK NHS.

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