David Cameron’s big embrace | The Economist

This is a surprisingly upbeat and optimistic article from the Economist. It’s outstanding and insightful, in the must-read category. Check it out!

via David Cameron’s big embrace | The Economist.

It seems that compassionate and the one-nation-conservatism of Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli is back in fashion in David Cameron‘s second term. If they get it right, it’s oblivion for the Labour Party.

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Opinion – Japan Cabinet minister wary of opening ‘Pandora’s box’ of immigration | The Japan Times – John Gelmini

I agree with Dr Alf. The Japanese should learn from Singapore which retains its policy of keeping the Chinese majority at 75% of the total population leaving 25% for everyone else.

Secondly, only very bright or employed people are allowed in and people who make trouble are quickly deported.

Drug barons and other miscreants, illegal immigrants and other undesirables of the kind Europe seems to be keen on, are respectively put to death or not allowed into the country in the first place.

As Dr Alf says, immigration has social consequences and it is the job of Governments to make sure they are good ones.

John Gelmini