Opinion – Brexit fight will be won, or lost, on the economy | EurActiv – John Gelmini

I agree with the article and with Dr Alf too.

Brexit/membership of the EU will be based on an assessment of delivery.

So far, the EU has not produced a single net new job in 30 years, has not produced a situation whereby we have not had European wars and ethnic cleansing and has not enabled Europe to make the traffic lights turn green in the great councils of the world in Beijing and Washington.

The EU is an entity effectively controlled by a resurgent and powerful Germany and it is Chancellor Merkel that the Chinese rate and France that the Americans see as their military partner of choice, rather than the UK.

The EU has to start delivering on its promise and the benefits it was supposed to bring us from 1975 onwards when we had the first referendum and entered it.

So far, it has not delivered anything of value in 40 years, so the benefits of membership need to be clear and obvious by next year if the new referendum is to be brought forward or by 2017 if it is held at the originally promised time.

Whilst initiatives take time, 40 years ought to be long enough to demonstrate hard benefits that people like me can see and that experienced Chartered Accountants like Dr Alf can quantify using objective measures.

I wait with interest but with measured skepticism.

John Gelmini

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