Opinion – David Cameron gets Angela Merkel’s backing on ‘two-speed’ EU and treaty changes – Europe – World – The Independent – John Gelmini

Dr Alf’s prognosis of the situation is spot-on, when he says it is early days and that David Cameron will have to keep his powder dry as he attempts to negotiate a better deal within the EU.

In the past, I have been harshly critical of his negotiating ability and his lack of focus on things that matter in that he used to “look into things” and come back empty handed.

During the election and since he seems to have developed some fire in his belly, so for now he deserves the benefit of the doubt in this attempt. If it fails after a solid attempt without fudging, then the UK needs to look at more radical solutions to its future, like becoming an offshore tax haven, probably cutting down the monarchy to basics and operating like a cross between Lichtenstein and Singapore.

If it succeeds, then the Monarchy still needs to be “right sized” in my view but we have to start trading much more globally, so that never again are we so dependent on Europe.

John Gelmini

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