Opinion – Japan pension system hacked; 1.25 million cases of personal data leaked – the Japan Times – John Gelmini

An interesting article from Dr Alf about hacking of data in Japan.

Are they as bad as the UK?

Given our past track record and propensity to outsource credit card call centre work to India ‘no’.

In the past decade, the UK has experienced the loss of briefcases and tens of thousands of memory sticks by sleepy and forgetful MOD officials on trains, Oliver Letwin throwing Ministerial briefing papers into public waste paper baskets, the theft of 3.5 million credit card records by an Indian call centre operative working for HSBC PLC, followed by the sale of those records to Indian organised criminals and gangsters.

This is not to forget the “loss” of police files during the time of Sir Robert Mark which enabled London gangsters to move to Mojacar in Spain without being arrested, the loss of NHS, HMRC and DWP files.

Worse than that is the fact that we have :

1) 7 million illegal immigrants in the country and the Home Office has no idea where they are

2) 19 Million spare NI numbers which can be bought for a few hundred pounds in sleazy public houses thus enabling people to have multiple identities and claim multiple sets of dole whilst working at the same time in a geographically contiguous area

When it comes to losing and mismanaging data and not controlling our borders, the Japanese are babes in arms and the UK is master of everything it surveys.

By the way, the risk of hacking into the UK’s public sector data bases is likely to increase with greater pressure on austerity.

John Gelmini

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