Europe cannot wait any longer: France and Germany must drive ahead | Emmanuel Macron and Sigmar Gabriel | Comment is free | The Guardian

This Guardian article by prominent French and German ministers is an important read. Check it out!

via Europe cannot wait any longer: France and Germany must drive ahead | Emmanuel Macron and Sigmar Gabriel | Comment is free | The Guardian.

When I first read the article, I thought that it was written by typical Guardian writers, strong on opinion but light on experience. Then I googled the authors and to my surprise found them to be high-profile ministers. Emmanuel Macron, is France’s Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs. He’s a graduate of elitist, ENA and a former investment banker – he closed a big deal between Nestle & Pfizer. Meanwhile, Sigmar Gabriel is Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy and Vice President of Germany. Gabriel who comes from a relatively humble background and was originally a teacher  is also Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Whilst I respect the passion with which the authors argue the case, I believe they are both not close enough to the political and social sharp edge in Europe. Europe is polarized towards the hard-right and the hard-left because of divisive economic policies. France urgently needs social reform and Germany needs infrastructure investment. I sense that these two politicians are not yet battle hardened political bruisers. Political leadership is about more than passion – it’s about convincing ordinary people to change their views.

I see matters very differently. Both the UK and Greece, in very different ways are quite rightly kicking the tires of the European experiment.

For me, there needs to be more strategic thinking, faster decisions and the bureaucracies must taste their own austerity medicine.


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  1. What Dr Alf says is true in the sense that in an ideal world politicians must take the views of the public into account and convince them of the rightness of your case. This is not an ideal world and the objectives of those who conceived the European project were developed hundreds of years ago under the name of the “Great Work of Ages”. They were not concerned with public opinion but their own vision and that has not changed.

    This is why we are going to see a European Army, ever closer union by Germany and France plus the other countries of Europe barring Greece and a move towards a cashless society where politicians controlled by bankers can control all the money supply right down to an embedded chip in someone’s arm once the technology is there.

    Public opinion didn’t want the Afghanastan, Iraq and Balkan wars but the Bilderbergers acting in secret decided that all three would happen at enormous cost in blood and treasure. The public in all three instances were lied to about the real reasons for going to war and about what the real objectives and “endgame ” were, despite their misgivings.

    Public opinion in the UK was not for gay marriage, unchecked immigration or the abolition of the death penalty. Public opinion on all these and other matters has been and still is being ignored and indeed rubbished by the BBC and the chattering classes.

    75% of the population do not believe in global warming or climate change even though the world’s temperatures have risen by just 1 degree in 125 years. Despite this and scientific evidence from Professor Richard Lindzen the world’s top oceanographer based at MIT the BBC ,whilst in possession of licence fee payers money still won’t allow anyone with those views onto its programmes.

    Greek public opinion is against further austerity but is also not for true economic reform.
    Somehow the Germans whose activities in World War 2 ruined the country must once again make reparations and if not them then others in Europe must bail them out. These same Greeks have had 70 years of German and Northern European tourism with all the spending that entailed but never once finished off their roofs so as to avoid property taxes of got their civil servants to work past their 38th birthdays before drawing a pension. The Greeks make much of the 5 families who have plundered the country and feel hard done by.

    I, and millions of others, could just as easily feel hard done by, based on the waste and profligacy of the MOD, Central Government in general, and the plutocracies which financially rape and plunder the UK economy, hide the money in any one of forty different tax havens and then convert it into real property, private islands,gold and gems.

    Do I and the silent majority riot and engage in civil commotion? Of course not. Instead we get on with life as best we can expecting no help or sympathy from anyone.

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