ekathimerini.com | Close to half of Greeks favor compromise deal with lenders, poll finds

This is amazing, must-read news, citing a latest poll published by leading newspaper in Greece, ekathimerini.com. Check it out!

via ekathimerini.com | Close to half of Greeks favor compromise deal with lenders, poll finds.

It seems that the majority of citizens in Greece are now opposed to hard-line elements in the current Greek government. The Government has made a lot of noise about creditors listening to democracy – now it’s the Greek government that’s out of line with the Greek people.

Surely, it’s time for a referendum in Greece?


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  1. This article from ekathemarini.com courtesey of Dr Alf illustrates that the lunatics really have been put in charge of the asylum.

    We are given to understand from this publication that 75% of the Greek people favour a compromise deal with Greece’s creditors and that most of them want Greece to stay in the Euro.
    Given the fact that Greece has already received £300 billion gbp and not repaid a single penny this is hardly surprising.

    Given the fact that Greece is bankrupt and has a broken economy, having the equivelent of a “sugar daddy” with a bottomless purse who always gives in(Angela Merkel and Hollande) means that no Greek could logically wish to leave the Euro.
    Dr Alf wants to give the Greek people a say in a referendum so that they can express their views.

    I say we already know their views and it is about time the rest of us who are subsidising and supporting Greece had our say.

    The Bilderberg meeting in Austria next week at which Merkel,Hollande,Cameron,Osborne,Balls and the 2 Miliband brothers will attend will decide in secret to bail out the Greeks yet again.

    European taxpayers,the super milch cows whose mission in life is to bankroll the feckless,the ungrateful,the corrupt and the undeserving will be handed the poisoned chalice without being given any opportunity to express their views let alone a referendum.

    • John,

      I must respectfully disagree with your analysis. The IMF has become Angela Merkel’s poodle and lost credibility. If Greece defaults, the IMF must hold Christine Largarde accountable.

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