The autumn of the patriarch? Turkey goes to the polls | Brookings Institution

This is a good read from leading think-tank, the Brookings Institution. Check it out!

via The autumn of the patriarch? Turkey goes to the polls | Brookings Institution.

In Sunday’s election, the Turkish people are voting whether to give greater power to Turkey’s President. Personally, I hope that the Turkish people will use their vote to protest at the record of their government – the economy has lost its growth momentum and foreign investors are increasingly concerned about the political risk of further investment in Turkey.



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  1. Dr Alf is right and the Brookings Institution lays out the various scenarios which could emerge from this Turkish election very well.

    As it is, President Erdogan, with his new golden palace with more than 4,500 rooms, which is quadruple the size of Versailles, is hardly inspiring the confidence of his many much poorer countrymen nor the confidence of foreign inward investors.

    The double, possibly triple game President Erdogan plays, in terms of supporting ISIS as it makes
    inroads into Syria, appeasing the Emirs in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as they subsidize different groups of terrorists is very dangerous. It could easily trigger a regional war or possibly a larger conflict or unleash forces which President Erdogan or a possible future successor might find difficult to control.

    Certainly the rest of the world does not want a recreated Ottoman Empire at the heart of the Middle East, following the British destruction of the last one in 1918, and the Austrians having put a stop to its earlier bloody advance on Europe at the gates of Vienna in 1683.

    Whichever way you look at it, Turkey needs to concentrate on its economy and improving the prosperity of its people, rather than “Great Game” politics, which it lacks the money and home based political backing for.

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