Mary Burrows moves to England to get breast cancer drugs she denied Welsh patients | Daily Mail Online

English: Six bottles of different types of can...

English: Six bottles of different types of cancer drugs over a graded blue to white background. Clockwise from center: Blenoxane (), Oncovin (), DTIC-Dome (), Cytoxan (), Adriamycin (), and VePesid (). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s another outstanding must-read article from the Daily Mail. Check it out!

via Mary Burrows moves to England to get breast cancer drugs she denied Welsh patients | Daily Mail Online.

The article highlights how quality of care in the NHS is linked to one’s post-code.

To me, as a layman, there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way the NHS allocates its budget. Too liitle goes to top-quality cancer care and too much to paying agency workers because staff refuse proper rostering.


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  1. This article from Dr Alf via the Daily Mail tells us several more things about the disfunctional and not fit for purpose NHS and about the so called devolved Government for Wales.
    Dr Alf rails against the postcode lottery which denies patients in one town good care and suitable drugs but condemns others to prolonged illness and death.
    The devolved Government in Wales refused to create a cancer drugs fund despite having the Barnett Formula subsidising every living Welsh person in the Principality at the expense of the English taxpayer.
    They claim that they want the same Barnett Formula as the Scots but waste money on translating roadsigns and documents into Welsh a completely useless language which only 20% of the Welsh understand or speak and which it is impossible to sell or export with as no-one else on the planet uses it.
    The Welsh Assembly is a monument to windbaggery and jobs for cronies which are not really jobs at all and because of its existence money which should be going into healthcare and health education for the Welsh is being wasted.
    The Welsh NHS is run by left wing apparachiks and is also a monument to waste and inefficiency worse than anything to be found in England which has a not fit for purpose healthcare system in its own right.
    Mary Burrows knew how useless it was but kept drawing her pay and keept her silence until she realised she had a life threatening cancer and but for the Daily Mail none of us would have been any the wiser.
    Once she knew that her condition was serious she decided to move to England to save her own skin and for all we know she isn’t the only one.
    When David Cameron brought up the status of the Welsh NHS he was given the usual reply of “It is all down to your Government’s “savage cuts” and that things are no worse in Wales than in England within the NHS”.
    The actions of Mary Burrows demonstrate the hollowness of that argument,the uselessness of Andy Burnham Labour’s leadership candidate and formerly their health spokesman and the fallacy of devolved Government in a small country in that it creates,waste,duplication and value destruction.

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