Magaluf’s new drinking laws flouted and doubted in first 24 hours | World news | The Guardian

This is a deeply worrying but not surprising article in the Guardian. It’s a must read. Check it out!

via Magaluf’s new drinking laws flouted and doubted in first 24 hours | World news | The Guardian.

It’s not surprising that the the NHS is collapsing, as described by John Gelmini this morning. So far, attention has been focused on the supply-problem of UK healthcare but attention needs to move to the demand-problem too.


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  1. This article from the Guardian, brought to us by Dr Alf, is indicative of several bigger problems presented by British holidaymakers when presented with too much drink and the same people when it is Friday and Saturday night in this country, or anywhere else in the world when it is a stag or hen night.

    First, there is the reputational damage to the country that these people intent on “largeing it up”,”getting hammered” or “getting bladdered ” cause. Our holidaymakers drawn from the old C1, C2, D and E social classes are not welcomed as guests but are feared, tolerated only by the owners of sleazy bars and nightclubs and are a problem to be policed and legislated against. They are often rude, foul mouthed, prone to violence, and oblvious to local customs and practice. It is not just the young as evidenced by a series of documentaries with titles like “Pensioners behaving Badly”, which in one case ended up with a Radlett based pensioner killing himself with excess as we learnt from one of Rupert Murdoch’s lurid titles a few days after the program.

    Secondly, there is the physical and mental damage they cause themselves by pickling their livers, making themselves depressed when they are back home leading their largely uneneventful lives.
    My own cemetery in Baldock, Hertfordshire, UK, is testimony to this culture of hard-drinking, smoking and debauched living culture, where at least 55 people that I knew as a schoolboy have had early deaths for these reasons. Living quickly, like the character in the old television series “Thirty Days To Live”(The program featured a man given a year to live by his doctors who then decided to cram a year’s worth of living and self indulgence into what was a 1 hour episode),is one thing that I know from earlier experience as a callow youth. However, killing yourself before your time is unnatural and potentially a tragic waste of life.

    Thirdly, there is the cost to the NHS and the pressure it puts on A&E at weekends. This is compounded by the fact that people who are genuinely sick and in need of medical attention are missed, misdiagnosed and end up dead because the unnecessary pressures caused by these unthinking people cause fatal errors to be made.

    Fourthly, there is the productivity sapping effects of too many “duvet days”, too many hangovers, tiredness from too little sleep and the debilitating effects of low potassium and no vitamins in the body after nights of alcohol fueled excess.

    Fifthly, there are the long-term costs to everyone else in the form of higher Council Tax to pay for Adult Social Care and taxes from Central Government being higher than they should be for the supposedly “Free at the point of need NHS”. Under present pressures GPs are either retiring early or are heading for America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada for more money and a better lifestyle.
    Much of the problem is down to a laissez faire culture that says “anything goes” that people are free to do whatever they like and a failure of the education system and many parents to inculcate sensible behavior and a firm grounding in Judeo-Christian ethics, a sound work ethic and a sense of personal responsibility.

    Sixth, a further consequence of too much alcohol is infertility and erectile dysfunction ,so that as the rate of indigenous family formation falls, the overall replacement rate for the indigenous population falls to 1.88 whereas for racial survival it needs to be at 2.4. In summary the indigenous population is killing itself off by stealth in the form of self induced madness and ethic cleansing by default.

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