New law to muzzle whistleblowers | EurActiv

This is a worrying story published by EurActiv. It’s a recommended read. Check it out!

via New law to muzzle whistleblowers | EurActiv.

It looks like the corporate lobby is alive and well in Europe, with potential whistleblowers on the ropes.

Let me ask an open question:

Should  whistleblowers have greater legal protection in Europe?


2 responses

  1. Whistleblowers are as vital as informants about crime.

    Because whistleblowers are indeed uncovering crime either in business or banks.

    To curtail the freedom to whistleblow is a march into dictatorship too far.

    What is the point of having law if that law is breached and then the only people who might inform the authorities, the whistlebower has lost the ability to inform the authorities.

  2. The answer to this question posed by Dr Alf is a resounding yes because without such protection Big Business and the banks and the public sector are free to engage in skulduggery,theft of taxpayers money,environmental pollution,bribery,corruption ,cronyism,nepotism,overcharging,tax avoidance,bullying ,unwarranted sackings,the mistreatment of workers,preferential treatment of corrupt suppliers and lying to customers and everyone else about their activities.

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