Opinion – Jeb Bush enters 2016 race, signaling he’s a different kind of Republican – LA Times – John Gelmini

The Presidential race so far is boring and lacks pzzazz.

This news about Jeb Bush running for President, via Dr Alf, is hardly inspiring, in that Jeb Bush claims to be “his own man” and is so fearful of his brother’s legacy that he is running under the name Jeb.

Because of his Mexican wife, he is fluent in Spanish, and thus hopes to garner the votes of Hispanics but he has not yet articulated fully any of his key positions, yet although he must stand for something.

Mrs Clinton is essentially divisive and damaged goods but she hopes to trade on her daughter’s more clean-cut image to make herself more acceptable to the masses, whilst at the same time reminding voters of her foreign policy expertise, via diplomacy and the CFR.

Both these candidates will be able to get the $2 billion USD necessary to fund a Presidential campaign but Hillary at 67 is going to find a 2 year campaign gruelling, possibly more so than Jeb Bush.

John Gelmini

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