Bad Faith. Why Real Debt Relief Is Not On The Table For Greece » James K Galbraith – Social Europe

This is a truly remarkable, must-read article from James Galbraith and published in Social Europe. The article targets the real villains and they don’t live in Greece!

Bad Faith. Why Real Debt Relief Is Not On The Table For Greece » Social Europe.

Galbraith focuses on unscrupulous people in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and New York (at the IMF). It seems that France has the most to hide.

If you agree with the thrust of this article, French and German banks have been secretly bailed out at tax-payers expense, and Greece has been held accountable.

Of course, there were errors made in Greece and the Greek political classes were corrupt but the damage caused to ordinary Greek peoples’ lives makes this an evil conspiracy against Greece. So perhaps, the current  Syriza  Greek government are right to be angry?


The Eurozone’s Cover-up Over Greece – Simon Wren-Lewis – Social Europe

This is an outstanding, must-read article by respected Oxford economist,Simon Wren-Lewis, and published by Social Europe. Check it out!

via The Eurozone’s Cover-up Over Greece.

Personally, I tend to agree with the broad thrust of this article. What about you?