Opinion – Greek debt crisis is the Iraq War of finance – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Despite this trend that Dr Alf has identified, I do not see the proprietors of these newspapers starting campaigns to assist Greece financially, nor do the owners of the Financial Times, the Economist, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, plus the BBC, nor do they seem to be at loggerheads with Angela Merkel or Christine Lagarde of the IMF.

This is strange, given the fact that all of them have been in the Interlapen Hotel, in the Austrian Alps for the whole of last week at Bilderberg 2015.

Artificial intelligence, the Ukraine, Greece, China, Russia, the progress of the secret legislation to effect closer union between NAFTA and the EU were undoubtedly on the agenda, yet there has been no hint about changing IMF policy vis a vis Greece. Angela Merkel’s successor has been identified for the long term and Christine Lagarde is not irreplaceable but even if they are replaced, the question is whether or not policy will change towards Greece.

I am betting on GREXIT and see these newspaper stories as a device to sell more newspapers. This in turn conditions taxpayers into accepting the inevitable costs of yet another “haircut” and “bail ins” which can then be made substantially larger, with the result that favored plutocrats can “wet their beaks” once more and the Greeks are sent off into the “wilderness” as convenient scapegoats.

John Gelmini

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