Small business in the spotlight … Code Kingdoms | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian

This is an excellent article from the Guardian Small Business Network. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

via Small business in the spotlight … Code Kingdoms | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian.

There are a number of useful themes in this article for budding entrepreneurs, parents and policy-makers.

I monitor both the mainstream and social media for articles on ‘small business’. Most are poor quality and just sales pitches. Watch out for the ‘five best’ type headline. The Guardian Small Business Network is head and shoulders above the rest.


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  1. The Guardian at least in respect of its articles on small business is improving dramatically and if the rest of it improves to the same extent I might be tempted to read it more often rather than regarding it as a peice of dangerous and subversive literature or something like a dead rat captured and killed by my neighbour’s balack cat “Beckham”.

    That said Dr Alf has brought us an inspired story about young entrepreneurs of a kind we need to hear much more of if this country and indeed opther countries are to prosper.

    Greece needs to embrace this sort of determined self help so that it can move from the quasi Middle Ages to the 21st century and stand on its own feet rather than on the backs o0f European taxpayers.

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