10 things we learned at Brookings in June | Brookings Institution

This short blog from international think-tank, Brookings Institution is well worth a read. Check it out!

via 10 things we learned at Brookings in June | Brookings Institution.

I suppose that I was not entirely surprised by these findings. What about you?



One response

  1. Brookings Institute findings are interesting nuggets of information, which could be found in lots of separate publications but which would normally be of limited interest in themselves because in most cases they are fairly obvious and not counter intuitive. Putting these elements of information together in the form of a 10 part list is an American speciality, and one which Brookings uses to good effect to help inform and educate it’s readers who demand capsulized information, int bite sized chunks.

    Like Dr Alf, I see nothing earth shattering nor revelatory in this 10 part list, as Brookings is a bit like the blonde haired prosecuting Attorney Hamilton Berger, in the old black and white courtroom drama Perry Mason -He always stated the obvious, the expected and the usual because in his mind life was clear-cut, ordered and black and white, with no grey and no complexity to confuse matters.

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