A stealthy route to Grexit – Wolfgang Münchau – FT.com

This is an excellent article by Wolfgang Münchau in the FT. Check it out!

via A stealthy route to Grexit – Wolfgang Münchau – FT.com.

The article concludes that a Grexit is now the default position, with German attitudes hardening and increasingly concerned with averting a humanitarian disaster in Greece.


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  1. What Dr Alf seems to be talking about is Grexit plus humanitarian aid for the worst hit Greeks.
    In one sense if we are prepared to help Africans who we do not know from Adam who are effectively illegal economic migrants we ought to be able to assist the Greeks who we know all too well and who are at least European.

    The fact that Germany is still talking and still consulting means that they are prepared to offer some sort of bailout but the question is how much and on what terms.

    Tsipras will go on asking for more, like some latter day Greek Oliver Twist until he understands that NO really means NO.

    That may mean throwing him out of the Euro now, giving him a small bailout and laying out the conditions for re-entry later on–Rather like expelling an errant pupil or excommunication by the Pope.

    The hope being that pupils, errant Catholics and in this case troublesome Greeks can be made to see sense and reform.

    I fear that Tsipras and Greeks are fueled by too much testosterone, self-aggrandizement and “Zorba the Greekism” and are starting to believe their own rhetoric.

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