Eurozone leaders propose ′compromise′ for Greece bailout deal | News | DW.COM | 13.07.2015

According to top German news agency, DW, a compromise was tabled just before dawn Monday morning.

via Eurozone leaders propose ′compromise′ for Greece bailout deal | News | DW.COM | 13.07.2015.

Details of the compromise still need to emerge. For sure, any compromise will be a very hard-sell to both the Greek and German people.



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  1. Dr Alf is right, having watched the debate with Eurozone leaders getting agitated whilst Tsipras smirked and in many cases engaged in discussion with others, I think it will be a very hard sell indeed.

    Tsipras to me appeared to be evasive, complacent and in denial, when the Spanish MEP got stuck into him and asked where the money had gone to.

    We know that the Greek shipping magnates and Greek plutocrats benefited from the last bailout and we know that the French and German banks did as well.

    So to satisfy the public in Europe, we know that there has to be a mechanism for ensuring that bailout monies reach their most impoverished recipients.

    Without that people who still have faith in the EU will lose it very quickly.

    • John,

      Yesterday, I asked a politically savvy Greek Cypriot, whom he thought would emerge governing Greece. His reply surprised me, he told me that Tsipras was so popular in Greece because he is seen as clean and anti-corruption.

      Once the dust settles, it would be a good move (as you suggest in another blog) for Tsipras to team up with Europe best law-enforcement professional and bring the guilty to trial.

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