Youth Unemployment Is a Problem for Social Mobility – Brookings Institution

European Political Spectrum

European Political Spectrum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article from US think-tank, Brookings Institution is worth a read. Check it out!

via Youth Unemployment Is a Problem for Social Mobility | Brookings Institution.

Of course, youth unemployment and absence of social mobility are probably a larger issue in Europe, especially Southern Europe. The savage impact of austerity has been brought home powerfully this week by Germany’s treatment of Greece.

It’s time for Europe’s political classes to do something about the barriers to social mobility – otherwise there will be an increasing polarization towards both the hard-left and the hard-right, with the risk of history repeating itself. There’s now an increasing risk that Greece will turn to the hard-right.


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  1. The political classes will do nothing about social mobility, as Dr Alf hopes, because they know that within just 18 years from now, 50 percent of American jobs and about 75 percent of European jobs will have disappeared.

    Ray Kurzeweil, Google’s Chief Futurist and CTO, has said that by 2019 artificial intelligence will have caught up with innate human intelligence and that after that humans will have “augmented reality” by which he means implanted expert systems on chips inserted into their brains.

    This year’s Bilderberg meeting had AI as an agenda item yet nothing has emerged about how these great and good are going to create jobs and not be Luddites.

    The fact is I Robot and the Matrix are on the way and there will be less social mobility not more.


    Because all the traditional blue collar jobs and call centre type jobs can be automated and jobs like teaching will be eliminated by virtue of issuing an adult with a chip which will enable them to do a job or perform a task without being taught anything.

    Jobs requiring interpersonal skills like senior management and high value sales will be the exception but for the great unwashed who lack these skills it will be a case of “know your place” .

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