Germany’s Destructive Anger – Jacob Soll – The New York Times

This is an insightful, must-read, op-ed article by Jacob Soll, published in the NYT. Check it out!

Germany’s Destructive Anger – The New York Times.

The article provides some light on the professional German economists who underpin German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schauble. Schauble is a tax lawyer by background, although his university education was a mix of economics and law. Schauble’s austerity policies have received widespread criticism by the world’s top macro-economists.

The article highlights how the use of terms like ‘Nazi‘ and ‘terrorist’ went too far and triggered ‘Germany‘s destructive anger’.  One normally thinks of Southern Europeans as passionate and emotional in their culture – by contrast the concept of ‘Germany’s destructive anger’ is quite unusual.

Perhaps the ‘destructive anger’ described explains the severity of Schauble’s response this week?


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