President Obama Takes On the Prison Crisis – Editorial – The New York Times

French Foreign Legionnaires coming back from a...

French Foreign Legionnaires coming back from a Bastille day military parade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read editorial article published by the NYT. Check it out!

via President Obama Takes On the Prison Crisis – The New York Times.

Given Obama’s record, it not clear to me what he can do to improve the US’s prison crisis.

Compared to most advanced democracies, the US has a large percentage of people in prison, especially colored people.

Of course, the crime is related to the opportunities open to certain sections of US society.

Perhaps, the US needs the equivalent of the famous French Foreign Legion? Join the US Foreign Legion and receive an amnesty for all crimes?


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  1. President Obama is a lame duck President who did nothing to reduce the prison population in the first 4 years of his presidency, nothing to close down Guantanamo Bay, and nothing during the 3 years of this presidency in this regard.

    As Dr Alf may know, President Obama has spent a fortune of American taxpayers money on stopping lawyers and others who dispute the authenticity of his birth certificate from impeaching him and removing him from office.

    He dithers on Foreign affairs and refuses to take effective action against ISIS against the advice of his own generals. He is at best a disappointment and matters he failed to address will have to be dealt with by others.

    He and those who support him need to weigh the future consequences when considering his so called “legacy” and people will need to choose a leader of the “Free World” to succeed him who is actually up to the job.

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