Opinion – Labour leadership race is flawed over ‘hard left infiltrators’, say Labour MPs | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

It is not just the Labour Party’s rulebook that needs a rewrite as Dr Alf suggests but the nature of the Party itself needs to be redefined, so that it has at least some relevance to the 21st century.

The candidates to a man or woman fail to answer questions, are economically illiterate, and do not understand the brutal and unrelenting competitive forces we face.

Jeremy Corbyn is an antediluvian throwback to the 1970s whose solutions to the UK’s problems failed then and are irrelevant now. It is not that he could even grow into the job because he has never run anything, never employed anyone, never managed anything and knows nothing about business. The BBC, the Guardian and left-wing commentators “talk him up ” as a serious politician because they cannot bring themselves to accept that the public sees through them and decided to vote with their wallets.

His support is derived from stupid people and inexperienced young people who fail to grasp the fact that China and the countries of SE Asia are “eating our lunch” and that the UK is uncompetitive.

The Labour Party is, as presently constituted, an irrelevance, with no electoral prospects whatsoever, unless and until it refines itself ,metamorphoses into a credible entity, and comes up with leadership contenders who are fit for purpose.

Looking at the current intake of Labour MPs, there may be someone who is up to the job but from where I sit no one remotely looks as though they have the attributes required.

John Gelmini

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