Eating fruit and vegetables makes you more attractive – Telegraph

English: vegetables

English: vegetables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. c...

Fruits and vegetables from a farmers market. circa 2007, USA, California, Long Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This latest research, cited in the Telegraph, is not really surprising. Eating fruit and vegetables give you a healthier glow. Read the article.

via Eating fruit and vegetables makes you more attractive – Telegraph.

It’s a shame that the Telegraph did not go on to add that people who eat too much junk food probably don’t eat enough fruit and veg – that’s right, if you eat too much junk food, apart from getting fat, you don’t look so healthy.

I haven’t seen any recent evidence but would sense that eating fruit and vegetables is directly correlated with social class. Certainly, this is apparently the case in North America, where there’s an obesity crisis.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Dr Alf is correct eating fruit and vegetables is closely linked to social class, as the Socio economic groups C1, C2,D & E all tend to buy prepackaged and microwavable meals, tinned food and items full of sugar, salt,e-numbers, Bisphenol A, aspartame and fluoride, from convenience stores and supermarkets like Budgens, Morrisons, Farm Fresh and the Co-op.

    Often, the left-wing press claim that the poor are not in a position to eat healthy food because of lack of money and access to inexpensive supermarkets. This is untrue because you can see them wasting money on smoking, drinking strong lager, lottery tickets, recreational drugs and on costly dog and cat food for their pets.

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