Opinion – Why a Germany of robust debate would be better for Europe | Timothy Garton Ash | Comment is free | The Guardian – John Gelmini


Garton Ash in this post from Dr Alf, is talking nonsense. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

We have an NHS about to implode, far to many local authorities, stuffed with people doing non jobs, the lowest productivity in the EU outside of Greece, and an emasculated Army and Tri-Forces.

We are also £1.65 trillion gbp in debt, have been running a trade deficit of £3billion gbp per month since 1981 and have a police force which can only catch and bring to justice 22% of criminals, whilst only dealing with 50% of reported rather than actual crime.

We are now the number one capital for money laundering and by backing Saudi Arabia,Qatar, Kuwait and Jordan with arms sales we are assisting ISIS by default.

We have robust debate but inequality grows to the point where Times 1000 CEOs now earn up to 450 times the average wage of £27,000 gbp a year. The comparable figure in Germany is just 25 to 1.

Germany has problems within Europe there is no doubt and it has problems globally. To tackle that it needs intelligent thought, the money and some collective will. That sounds like consensus to me, rather than our endless debates to discover reasons why no-one can agree and find new reasons to do nothing about our problems.

Whilst I have no desire to live in Germany, we have much to learn before we start pontificating about other countries as this insufferable Oxbridge man is won’t to do.

John Gelmini

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