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English: Schematic map of the italian regions ...

English: Schematic map of the italian regions and provinces Italiano: Mappa delle regioni e province italiane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an excellent article by think-tank Bruegel that takes a hard look at pensions in Italy. There are some excellent cross-European comparisons of youth unemployment and pension costs. It’s an interesting read. Check it out!

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If you look at the data, pensions need serious reform in many European countries.

The challenge is how the austerity decisions are split between young and old.

Let me ask an open question:

Is it right for European governments to cut pensions to current pensioners or should the cuts be restricted to future pensioners?



Opinion – Europe’s Export Superstars | Dalia Marin, Jan Schymik and Jan Tscheke at

This is an outstanding, must-read research article by top European think-tank, Bruegel. Check it out!

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It seems that UK exports are constrained by the management style of UK exporters – they’re less likely to delegate effectively than their competitors in Germany – German is the star performer, so is held up as the archetype.

Based upon my many years experience, I think that the article has a point and UK exporters are systemically weaker. Part of the answer is that these exporters are not promoting language training and work experience in foreign markets.  Also the UK does not have an effective industry strategy. George Osborne needs to leverage exports with major policy actions. Additionally, UK institutional shareholders need to shake the management tree of major exporters – a more internationalist culture is required.

Any thoughts on improving UK export penetration?