Opinion – With Labour fixated by Corbyn, the Tories have taken advantage of a feeble opposition. Here’s how they did it… | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Dr Alf makes interesting points, as does the Guardian, but I am reminded of my late father-in-law who once said to me that he wished the average house price and railway ticket would exceed a million dollars. What he meant by this, of course, was that when positions become too extreme then eventually a corrective medicine comes into play to bring things back into balance.

Jeremy Corbyn, a man who hasn’t even run a whelk stall in his life is an attractive proposition for the unfortunates, the disaffected and the young for whom he offers false hope. When people start to look intensively at his background, they will take a different view but for the moment the Guardian and the BBC likes to use him and his popularity to create trouble.

The Conservatives are being too slow on Trades Union reform, and unless they ban strikes in essential public services, use sequestration of Trades Union funds and have their “PATCO MOMENT”, they will find the country bedeviled by unofficial strikes and the country will regain its old reputation as a place where Trades Union barons can run amok.

David Cameron has slipped back into his old ways by taking four holidays in August and the nonsense in Calais and the migrant crisis is being mishandled.

The Labour Party is in disarray but unless the migrant and trades union issues are dealt with firmly, precisely and severely, a new leader like the slippery Umana, who is deliberately waiting out the other more ineffectual and useless candidates could re-emerge.

David Cameron is going to take his bigger UN job and walk away at some point but only after he renegotiates the treaties with the EU to get some of what he wants and position the little he gets as a great triumph.

Conservative back-benchers can huff and puff but they lack real power and need Cameron more than he needs them until his successor is in place.

Barring death, disease or an unfortunate accident, this is likely to be George Osborne who will take a dim view of those MPs who have made his mentor’s job harder, particularly Boris and Mrs May and some of the Cro Magnon men on the back benches.

John Gelmini

English: David Cameron is a British politician...

English: David Cameron is a British politician, Leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Opinion – Flash – Seagulls terrorise British holidaymakers – France 24 – John Gelmini

This article about seagulls, via Dr Alf, shows the public and the Government at their most stupid.
The seagulls who recently attacked and killed a pet dog were doing what their maker intended them to do which was protect their young.

Pet owners who comprise 10% of the population create dog and cat mess, which can cause blindness and which create mess in our streets and footpaths. The UK has 8 million dogs and 10 million cats which is far too many. As it is they are a troublesome and vociferous minority, which Governments are afraid to tax properly or confront and this needs to change and change quickly, even though huge numbers of people in the UK like animals more than they do people.

I can see a use for police dogs, dogs for the Army bomb squad, sheepdogs and dogs for the blind and for patrolling secure areas. Beyond that the voice of the 90% of the rest of us, who have to put up with their barking, howling, mess and occasional savagery, needs to be heard, followed by reduction of unnecessary pets.

The current litter laws and the inability of councils to manage their finances properly and maintain proper weekly refuse collection services is part of the problem created by marauding seagulls whilst the other is a failure to deal with inconsiderate members of the public creating litter and leaving uneaten fast food all over the place.

One or two examples need to be made by the courts of people who create litter and eat fish and chips/fast food in the street and on public transport.

Council Chief Executives responsible for services need to be personally surcharged and given a sentence of “unpaid work” by the courts for failing to keep the streets free of refuse and protect the public health. One or two of them need to be fired.

Seagulls are wild creatures and they will seek food where it happens to be just as their creator intended.

Dry up the supply by taking action in this way and the seagull problem will disappear.

John Gelmini