Trump: I’ll face Biden in general election after Clinton unravels | TheHill


English: Donald Trump at a press conference an...

English: Donald Trump at a press conference announcing David Blaine’s latest feat in New York City at the Trump Tower. The photographer dedicates this portrait of Donald Trump to Tony Santiago, Wikipedia editor Marine 69-71, perhaps the most officially recognized and accomplished content contributor to Wikipedia, for his outstanding contributions to improving articles related to his Puerto Rican heritage. He is also a close friend. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an insightful prediction from Donald Trump, published by Washington paper The Hill. Check it out!

Trump: I’ll face Biden in general election after Clinton unravels | TheHill.

Personally, despite all the money that the Clintons have raised, I struggle to see Hilary Clinton staying the pace.



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  1. On this rare occasion I am going to disagree with Dr Alf because Donald Trump will not be the President and is close friends with both Clintons who are CFR members.
    The CFR allegedly picks the President on instructions from the Royal Institute of Strategic Studies in London, who take their direction from the head of the Committee of 300(The Queen) plus her deputy the Prime Minister.

    The American public have no say in any of this whatsoever but imagine that they do.
    Donald Trump’s role is to eventually run as an independent and then split the Republican vote thus letting Hillary Clinton win the Presidency.

    • John, thanks for your posting. We shall have to see what transpires.

      Whilst I am happy for you to share an alternative view to my own, I must add that I’m uncomfortable with the Committee of 300 as an argument. Every time that I have researched this group, there is a shortage of real evidence and an abundance of theory.

      For now, I suggest that we agree to disagree and sit back and watch the spectacle of the next US presidential election.



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