David Cameron: Every school in the country could become an academy – Telegraph

This diagram illustrates the school system in ...

This diagram illustrates the school system in Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Note: Compulsory education ends before sixth form. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important article from the Telegraph. Check it out!

via David Cameron: Every school in the country could become an academy – Telegraph.

David Cameron is to be commended for this initiative.

However, the article just identifies one of the barriers to education in the UK, namely the local authority bureaucracies.

There is another equally important roadblock to improvement, with the teachers’ unions. The UK teachers’ unions look after the interest of their members but are less inclined to adopt global best practice. It is because of restrictive practices of the unions that the UK education compares so poorly to international benchmarks. Look at the evidence.


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  1. Dr Alf is right about David Cameron’s statement concerning transforming all schools into academies.
    Essentially County Council School Childrens and Families Directorates stand in the way and Jeremy Corbyn’s shock troops the various teaching unions are obdurate roadblocks to reform.

    Persuasion and “listening to the teaching profession” is a waste of time and will not work just as listening to the medical profession produces no NHS reform and never will.

    All schools have to removed from local authority control as a first step and the standard spending assessments reduced to reflect the fact that Schools Childrens and Familiies Directorates will need to be reduced by about 70% so that the displaced council employees are not simply transferred to other departments or “magicked away” by TUPE into an outsourced arrangement.

    The second step is the de-recognition of the teaching unions. This would cause strikes and disruption so the Government would need to have passed legislation banning strikes in all essential public services and be prepared to use sequestration to seize all Trades Union funds.

    An alternative teaching workforce including former Army officers converted into head teachers and former soldiers converted into classroom teachers would need to be ready in position whilst any strikers were “locked out”.

    There would need to be an ultimatum given to the Trades Unions and if they did not comply then the Government would have to dismiss all the refuseniks en mass just as Ronald Reagan did with the PATCO Trades Union which represented civilian air traffic controllers.

    Public service reform within the UK is currently impossible because of the Trades Unions, local authorities, Chief Constables, Fire Chiefs and the NHS. The Trades Unions know this and rely on the fear of taking them on by the Government which has a small majority and also has to contend with a left wing BBC.

    David Cameron should exhibit no such fears and take action to “lance the boil” and deal once and for all with teachers who have presided over a situation where our state education system is now 44th in the world and going backwards rendering too many pupils illiterate, innumerate, undisciplined, not job-ready and in too many instances simply unemployable.

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