Far-right neo-Nazi allegedly brags on Instagram about carrying ‘not entirely legal’ lethal pocket knife – Mirror Online

Despite Liverpool’s proud history of anti-fascism, the police are permitting a neo-Nazi ‘White Man March’ in this multi-racial city today. It’s a disgrace!

Far-right neo-Nazi allegedly brags on Instagram about carrying ‘not entirely legal’ lethal pocket knife – Mirror Online.

Trade-unionists, students and people of all colors, religions and social classes are protesting but in vain.

If you read the Mirror Online article, it is clear that violence is intended.

So why don’t the police intervene and stop the rally?

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  1. Dr Alf should know that where I live in Hertfordshire is just 15 miles from the part of Luton where the English Defence League and the League of St George started. There are regular demonstrations in Luton, where the police have to hold back Muslim counter demonstrators and the same thing happens in London.

    The police have within their ranks people who are members of the BNP and people who secretly support its views.

    This has not really changed since the 1930s, when Sir Oswald Moseley and his Blackshirts marched into the East End and were only stopped by the intervention of London dockworkers and stevedores who fought running battles with the police who repeatedly charged the crowd with their batons and police horses at full gallop in an effort to let Sir Oswald and his thugs gain the upper hand.

    As a result racism of all kinds, including anti Semitism, is tolerated by default through soft touch policing.

    I remember as a boy and as a teenager the prejudice my late parents who were immigrants from Italy used to endure from people and how unwilling the police were to act on their behalf or mine when clearly they should have done.

    Even today, when they claim to have changed there are officers who still have attitudes that belong in another age as evidenced by the rise of anti semitism in the UK matching what is happening across Europe.

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