The alarming effect of racial mismatch on teacher expectations | Brookings Institution

This is a powerful article by Seth Gershenson, published by think-tank, Brookings.

via The alarming effect of racial mismatch on teacher expectations | Brookings Institution.

The large research study confirms that white teachers have lower expectations for black students than black teachers for the same students. In other words there is systematic racial bias in teachers’ expectations.

Whilst the author stresses that the results are not intended to demonize, the teachers’ expectations will nevertheless affect outcomes.

The author concludes that ‘Teachers can avoid the”soft bigotry of low expectations” by maintaining, and expressing, high expectations for each and every student’.

Personally, I would argue that the bigoted practices are a function of restrictive practices maintained by teaching unions.

The bigotry could be eradicated by bringing in foreign teachers into the US education system. Similary, US teachers need to be sent on a sebatical to countries where black people are the majority. Or US teachers should be encouraged to participate in the VSO program.  Also greater mobility of teachers even within the US should encouraged, so that teachers broaden their outlook. Most professions have continuous training and teaching needs some radical trarnsformation.

These findings are probably generalizable to other countries, like for example the UK, where heavily unionized restricted practices institutionalize political and social bias – despite increasing costs for UK education, output against international benchmarks is falling.


Opinion – The two-cow theory: Capitalism in America, China and around the world – John Gelmini

Campaign poster showing William McKinley holdi...

Campaign poster showing William McKinley holding U.S. flag and standing on gold coin “sound money”, held up by group of men, in front of ships “commerce” and factories “civilization”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps the moral of the story which Dr Alf brings us is one which suggests that 2+2 equals 4 not 5 or some other figure.

Also that the economic shell game which is being played with Western style “fractional reserve banking ”, rather than sound money based on gold or something like Glass Steagall is one which will spell trouble for America and its allies, whereas the Chinese system of controlled capitalism is more soundly based.

In the long run we shall see.

John Gelmini