The EU’s Southern Neighbourhood [What Think Tanks are thinking]

The EU’s Southern Neighbourhood [What Think Tanks are thinking]

This article by the European Parliamentary Research Service provides a link to some first rate articles by leading think-tanks.

Let me know your thoughts?


Written by Marcin Grajewski

Mediterranean map AridOcean / Shutterstock

The European Union’s relations with Mediterranean countries form part of a broader European Neighbourhood Policy. This creates a framework for bilateral and regional cooperation with Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia.

A key element, agreed in 2011 following the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings in the region, is the ‘more for more’ approach, which envisages closer relations in terms of financial assistance, travel and trade for those countries which pursue democratic and economic reforms. According to many analysts, the effectiveness of the policy has been challenged by political instability in many countries of the region and the growth of illegal migration to Europe.

This ‘At a glance’ note highlights a selection of recent studies by major international think tanks on the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood Policy, with papers on migration grouped as…

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  1. Dr Alf is right to bring us this article about think-tanks and their views on the need for Southern Europe to engage and work more effectively with countries in North Africa and parts of the Middle East.

    To have such co-operation, the present strife and Muslim radicalisation needs to be stopped, and we should not at a time of austerity and economic difficulty be taking in more economic migrants through Italy, Greece or Macedonia.

    Europe probably has to clear out a large area of Libya by force, using combined military forces and then the present and future migrant flows need to be held there.

    ISIS is a Frankenstein, which the West has unwittingly allowed to get too big. History will probably judge Obama’s foreign policy very harshly. Ultimately, ISIS must be effectively neutralized.

    That done and Syria resolved, THEN we can look at working together, in the form of a sort of Mediterranean co-operation sphere.

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