Opinion – Former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin returns to Beijing in challenge to President Xi Jinping – China Daily Mail – John Gelmini

English: Chinese leader Jiang Zemin signature....

English: Chinese leader Jiang Zemin signature. 中文: 中国国家主席江泽民的签名。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jiang Zemin is popular with the Chinese military, who favour taking a much harder line against America and the West.

Xi is more popular with the people and despite recent economic difficulties is tough and fleet of foot enough to stay ahead of the curve, reposition the Chinese economy and thus be in a position to allow the military buildup to continue at 11.5% a year.

Rooting out corruption gives ordinary people hope and it helps to move China up the various UN indices such as HDI and the Corruption Perception index.

These are critical to ratings agencies and to inward investors considering where to put their money in one country versus another.

My money is on Xi as the more farsighted and strategic of the two men who the West would find it easiest to do business with in the long run and who our leaders will have to deal with for good or ill.

Dr Alf may see the situation differently,  with the rivalry creating internal strife in the “Middle Kingdom”, and some Western leaders may see an opportunity for mischief making. In the present volatile state of the world these Western leaders should be careful what they wish for and remain unattached but vigilant.

John Gelmini

China’s massive economic advantage over the world is about to disappear – China Daily Mail

China’s massive economic advantage over the world is about to disappear – China Daily Mail

This article is well worth a read. Personally, I think that it is overstated, identifying th risks and not the upside opportunities. Thoughts?

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Chinese Worker Chinese Worker

We have finally arrived at a point in history that economists have been dreading for years: The moment when the total number of Chinese workers goes into decline for the first time in decades.

Since way before the 1990s, China has had one huge economic advantage over the rest of the world: Year after year, the number of people of working age increased.

Economic growth is closely tied to the growth in your working population.

Simply put, the more people you have working, the more wealth and wages you’re likely to create.

You can get these extra workers two ways: By getting pregnant or by letting immigrants come live with you.

For over four decades, China’s industrial revolution has been pulling in new workers year after year.

But that demographic wave is coming to an end and now the total size of the workforce is about to go…

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