Opinion – General Sir Nicholas Houghton believed to be holding up Chilcot inquiry | Daily Mail Online – John Gelmini

WMD world map

WMD world map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sadly, Sir Nicholas Houghton is not the only cause of the delay to the completion of the Chilcott enquiry. The American Government has 44 pages of redacted material that is relevant to the enquiry and it refuses to release any of it.

The real reasons for invading IRAQ were geopolitical and had to do with:

a) The reordering of the Middle East chessboard, as a precursor to “taking-down” a number of regimes in the Middle-East, prior to destabilising countries on Russia’s southern flank

b) $61 trillion dollars worth of oil

c) Something alegedly in the museum in Baghdad that America wanted above anything else.

Sir John Chilcott and his team were probably chosen for their weakness and have only worked on the report on average 3 days a week whilst doing other things.

Maxwellisation has been a convenient excuse and now Sir Nicholas Houghton is put forward as the scapegoat. The truth is as per my a), b) and c), plus other reasons to which I am not privy. I sense that it had nothing to do with terrorism, “weapons of mass destruction” or any of the reasons advanced by Tony Blair nor the Establishment.

The public interest will not be served and the Chilcott process will fail just as it was meant to.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Iain Duncan Smith vows to overhaul ‘perverse’ sickness benefits – Telegraph – John Gelmini

The kingdom of East Anglia

The kingdom of East Anglia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The proposed measures are too weak because it is still possible with 19 million spare NI numbers for fraudsters to buy spare NI numbers in downmarket pubs and other spurious sources, and then claim sickness benefit at more than one benefit office under two different names and even work at a job in a another.

What Dr Alf envisages is American style workfare, whereby incapacitated people would be required to work for their benefits, rather than get Motability Allowance (effectively a free car), access to the work of others to care for them and yet do nothing in return.

The UK’s NI system became insolvent in 2000, so the argument that “we have already paid for our benefits” via the “stamp” is redundant.

Migrants from third world countries want to bring their families here to the UK – they know all about the anomaly of spare NI numbers and the weaknesses of the benefits system, vis-a-vis incapacity.

English people smugglers and criminals know about these anomalies too and make money bringing people into the country and then again by supplying false documentation to allow them to work and /or claim benefits. Roma and Slovakian gypsies and crooked agricultural gangmasters in East Anglia know that these anomalies can be exploited when it comes to farm work and that the major supermarkets and the government have no real interest in cracking down too hard because the public/voters have no real appetite for higher food prices and most of the indigenous population are not prepared to do the work that these migrants do.

Duncan Smith and his DWP fraud investigators do what they can but the scale of the problem and the porosity of the UK’s borders plus the ineffectiveness of the Home Office means that the system of dole, incapacity benefits and “getting something for something” is flawed beyond any possible “fix and repair”.

John Gelmini