NYT & UK’s Daily Telegraph – Collabertion?

Logo of The Daily Telegraph, a British newspap...

Logo of The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper. Español: Logo de The Daily Telegraph, un periódico británico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Times Crosswords box art

The New York Times Crosswords box art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I got an email from the NYT, offering me six months free subscription to the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

Actually, I’m a digital subscriber to both the NYT and the Daily Telegraph, although I only pay for the Telegraph.

This makes me wonder at the extent of collaboration between these two newspapers?

In recent years, there has been huge turnover in editorial staff at the Telegraph. Also I’ve noticed that the Telegraph has become weaker in international news coverage. By comparison, the UK’s  Guardian seems to be improving the depth of its coverage internationally. On the back of the sale of the FT, are we going to see further consolidation in the media sector?

Any thoughts on what might be happening?

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  1. I suspect that the Barclay brothers, who own the Telegraph are torn between keeping a great newspaper which can investigate fearlessly and their other business interests in property, hotels and the courier firm Yodel.

    Some form of collaboration on costs, between the owners of the New York Times and the Barclay brothers is probably in place but the travails of Telegraph staff have much to do with management style, editorial style and the ageing readership of the Telegraph (67 on average and rising as we speak).

    Having read the Daily Telegraph since the age of 11, I used to equate the trip to the newsagent to buy it as the latter day equivelent of Moses coming down from the mountaintop with the 10 Commandments. Now the thundering editorials and global respect of a newspaper whose reporter was first to interview the triumphant Red Indian chief Sitting Bull has given way to the shrill prose of Mary Riddell and other reporters and writers who are less than fearless and often not up to the mark.

    Hopefully this will change but until it does, Telegraph readership will drain away unless the current ageing readership can be broadened to include younger people.

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