Opinion – Tony Blair’s final plea: Corbynmania is ‘Alice in Wonderland’ politics | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am afraid Dr Alf is right, Jeremy Corbyn has already had a “makeover” in his wardrobe and will soon be wearing a suit and tie in an effort to appear respectable and believable.

The Trades Unions will soon be engaging in new forms of “direct action”, which will circumvent the slow and clumsy way in which the UK Government is dealing, or rather not dealing with the Trades Unions, who are bankrolling Corbyn and the entryism by the Socialist Workers Party, and other extremists, closet Communists, Trotskyites and hardened troublemakers.

The disaffected young, the confused, the weak, benefit recipients, council house tenants, the uncreditworthy and the gullible comprise the bulk of the population, along with the unsuccessful and pensioners without proper financial provision and who now seek more money at the expense of the rest of us.

Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow rabble-rousers has this constituency of misguided people in the palm of his hand and he is busy selling “Voodoo economics”, as if it was a sensible proposition along with the endorsement of the insufferable Diane Abbott.

David Cameron and his holiday loving colleagues need to wake up to the danger this man poses and start street-fighting.

De-recognising all the public sector trades unions would be a start, firing all tube train drivers who engage in or threaten strike action, and replacing them all with driverless trains would be a good first-step and forcing a low licence fee settlement on the BBC would be another.

A programme of sequestration of Trades Union funds applied to the RMT and the teaching unions would simultaneously reduce strike action and reduce money for Corbyn and his apparachiks.

Corbyn is still not taken seriously and is underestimated. The UK cannot afford him nor any possibility of his policies, so decisive action needs to be taken to blunt his popularity and then isolate it as the rantings of a fanatic.

John Gelmini

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