Opinion – Germany ‘no longer attractive’ to US investors | EurActiv – John Gelmini

Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg

Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

American investors are important but not irreplaceable.

The Germans should woo other investors, from different parts of the world, who take a longer-term view and value engineering prowess, thoroughness and quality above all else. Each offering to selected inward investors should be tailored to those preferences.

Personally, I would look outside of Europe to places like Singapore, whose inward investment vehicle is Temasek, to countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even parts of India and China.

The UK is good as Dr Alf knows, at getting foreign investors as individuals to invest here but less good at attracting money from Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Germany could analyse what the UK does and re-engineer the process built to its own strengths. It should then do the same exercise with countries it would like to get inward investment from, and see where it has strengths which compliment the weaknesses of the target inward investing nation.

Out of that discussions can emerge.

John Gelmini

Opinion – For Thousands of Exhausted Migrants, a Journey’s End in Munich – The New York Times – John Gelmini

The trails of these migrants merits a calm and reflective response and action to remove them all to Libya in an area cleared out by a combined European military.

Europe is full up. The UK is full up and we are setting a dangerous precedent by taking them in because as those left behind see what is happening, they too will want to have their own shot at the new “Promised Land”, which seems to be Germany or the” Nirvana” of benefit recipients and new identities, Great Britain.

Once in Europe, they will multiply faster than the indigenous population, and like Leicester, UK, which became predominantly brown 15 years ago, other places will follow.

In the end, what is left of our Judeo-Christian heritage will be destroyed and the indigenous populations marginalised.

Humanitarian crises need to be dealt with in situ, not loaded onto hard pressed taxpayers without so much as a by your leave.

The UK can support a population of 40 million at best but as Dr ALF knows it already has an official population of 64.5 million, people plus 7 million illegal immigrants.

We, in both the UK and Continental Europe, need to get a grip before it is too late.

John Gelmini